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$42.00 $25.00

Vintage Stockings & Bears PJ – Blue


Gator PJ – Girl

$42.00 $19.00

Strawberry Lab Crawler


Gator PJ – Boy

$42.00 $21.00

Vintage Stockings & Bears Crawler – Pink

$42.00 $21.00

Vintage Stockings & Bears Crawler – Blue

$38.00 $19.00

Anchor & Rope – Shorty Playset

Strawberry Lab Shorty Playset

$42.00 $25.00

Boys OctoParty PJs


Preppy Pink Whale PJ


Crab PJ


Preppy Green Whale PJ

Mother & Founder of Ollie & Bess

As a mother of two, I started Ollie & Bess to dress my daughters in high quality layettes and children’s clothing that is comfortable. Since then, my life has changed a lot.

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Luxury Layettes & Classic Baby Clothing

Why not dress your little one in adorable clothing with classic southern inspiration? Dress them in Ollie & Bess and your child will be so comfortable and the best dressed in the room! We have so many patterns to choose from that are only made from the purest pima cotton because comfort is a top priority to us.

From luxury layettes to classic peter pan collars we have got you covered! At Ollie & Bess, we offer an assortment of classic baby prints, you can dress your darling in one of many patterns options like, sail boats, ducks, or lobsters and even match them in accessories to boot!

Made from only the highest-quality fabrics, our clothing can make excellent hand me downs if the time comes so it can then be enjoyed for many years to come.

Preppy Children’s Clothing & Pajamas With Southern Style

If you want a look that will never go out of style, you need to dress your little one in Ollie & Bess. We concentrate on classic looks that keep the comfort of your child in mind. Our luxury line of baby girl and boys’ clothing will be sure to bring countless compliments from your family and friends.

Shop anything from bubbles and jumpers for events out or children’s pajamas and crawlers for nights in, your little one will be dressed to impress regardless of the occasion. Our luxury line of children’s clothing and accessories will make the perfect gift for moms to be at a baby shower or for children’s birthday parties.

Ollie & Bess can be found throughout the globe, either online or in specialty boutiques. Shop Ollie & Bess today to dress your darling daughter or handsome little guy in classic, traditional children’s clothes that are made of only the purest pima cotton. Also, be sure to check out the Ollie Outlet for any sales or discounted pricing!